Coastal Alabama

Coastal Alabama

Disbursement Policy

Listed here disbursement policy is placed on all students getting school funding for each term of this year that is academic. The target would be to deliver eligible educational funding into the timeliest way feasible, with less documents needed from pupils.

Formal Enrollment degree – Your enrollment degree for school funding purposes is equivalent to your enrollment degree with all the Registrar’s workplace: how many credits you might be enrolled in each term (including summer). Please refer to chart below:

Student Undergraduate Enrollment Levels:

Full-time = 12 credit hours

3/4 Time = 9-11 credit hours

1/2 Time = 6-8 credit hours

Not as much as 1/2 Time = 1-5 credit hours

Disbursement Policy Summary

1. Reimbursement disbursement begins after 14 days (14days) of very first day’s course for every single semester, then continues through the entire semester. Pupils attending a Term II course will maybe perhaps not get a disbursement until after Term II attendance verification is done. Attendance verification, for pupils whom receive federal help happens following the fall and add duration for each term.

2. Cancellation or reduction of help creates a stability due in the student’s account. It really is the student’s duty to create payment plans aided by the scholar Accounts workplace

5. Pupils enrolled fewer than half right time aren’t qualified to receive Direct Loans.

6. Retroactive aid (aid for a phrase which includes ended prior to disbursement) should be disbursed centered on finished classes/credits only. a finished course is just a grade for the class this is certainly either an A, B, C, or D. The student’s GPA must fulfill standards that are SAP.

Disbursement of Loan Funds After a phrase Ends

To get loan funds after a phrase finishes, pupils must successfully finish the absolute minimum of half-time credits for the prior term(s). Pupil should also be enrolled at the very least half-time and requesting loan funds for the present term.

If the pupil receives that loan for starters term ( ag e.g., fall term just), the educational funding honor need been offered, accepted and processed prior to the end of this term. Federal laws mandate that that loan for a phrase which has currently ended may be certified as long as the pupil happens to be enrolled at least half time and there’s been no break in enrollment.

Minimal Enrollment Requirements for Disbursement for Normal Terms

Help Types credits that are undergraduate

Pell give = 1 credit hour

SEOG = 6 credit hours

Direct Loan = 6 credit hours

Parent PLUS Loan = 6 credit hours

Scholarships = Credit hours vary by scholarship

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