LINE I Favor Coffee. In search of LINE Friends to incorporate for ILC

LINE I Favor Coffee. In search of LINE Friends to incorporate for ILC

Unique Guest Discussion & Orders Assist

Brand Brand New Updated Spreadsheets

The spreadsheets for the unique visitor discussion and requests have already been reorganised and put into one alongside the coffee bean, coffee beverage and part dish spreadsheet.

I’ve updated the links from the posts that are respective but also for convenience, right here they have been:

They’re various track of the spreadsheet that is same. Because the mess was cleaned up, you will see the spreadsheet it self rather than the posted variation, that ought to re re solve the nagging dilemmas pertaining to viewing and filtering.

Hope this assists you better with ILC

Should you encounter any problems, please inform me within the responses.

Trouble Watching Spreadsheets?

Hey guys, are some of you having trouble viewing the spreadsheets?

I’ve been getting needs for usage of the papers, that shouldn’t function as the instance because the spreadsheets are published into the internet for all to see. As it’s not merely an individual, and it’s been occurring over the past week, I’m stressed that numerous folks are having issues along with it.

I’ve checked that I’m able to nevertheless see them even if perhaps not finalized directly into my account, therefore I’m perhaps not too yes but i could attempt to explore it further if there’s a challenge here. Please keep a comment below and inform me. Published in Uncategorized on November 6, 2015 by Radio. 9 Commentary

Hunting for LINE Friends to include for ILC

Utilizing the update that is new think it is useful to have some more active buddies to obtain more cherries. ??

If anybody would really like us to include them, please fill your LINE ID out into the form below. I’ll add you on both my primary and in addition my iPod’s account (for those who have maybe maybe not added it yet, that account’s ID is ninjacoffee and it is general general public).

Make sure to set your ID to general public.

FYI: My primary account’s display title is (??_?`). It really is ^_^ for my part account.

Clients Conversation

Not exactly yes things to phone that one. It’s what the conventional clients ( maybe maybe perhaps not unique visitors) say whenever you tap in your cafe on them when they’re.

The different reactions are in line with the kind of lens that the client has, which can be the way I classified the spreadsheet. I take advantage of the formal names from the avatar shop.

Helpful for quests that request you to touch on sitting customers and hear “…” or Tap on standing clients and…

But mostly to meet my personal interest.

The first (standard) tab is for sitting clients. Standing clients is within the 2nd tab. Since far as i am aware they truly are both complete. I’m perhaps not particular why just some customers that are standing enraged.

If you like to see this in its page that is own the hyperlink below.

Otherwise, you should use the embedded variation right here since that one isn’t too wide.

Unique Guest Instructions: Recipes

We additionally have spreadsheet for dishes for unique guests’ sales.

Simply never ever provided it because i really couldn’t share selective sheets through the spreadsheet and failed to bother to help make another until now and so I could publish it.

In addition it required some– that are updating had 2 columns for the total amount of beans and silver (that will be now changed by love) you’ve got for your order. I eliminated them considering that the quantity you will get is dependent on the unique guest’s level and it’s also the most readily useful reward you will get so long as the visitor is 100% pleased. Formerly, it had been thought that even though the visitor had been 100% happy, they might provide more benefits for several combinations, but that’s not the case.

Unique Guest Conversations & Street Charm

Update Apr 2014 I’ve simply begun playing ILC for a brand new account on my iPod, therefore I’ll be filling out a number of the lacking information when it comes to reduced amounts ideally! ?? If anybody desires to include me personally, the relative LINE ID is ninjacoffee.

We keep a spreadsheet of unique visitor conversations for the video game i really like Coffee.

Follow the link below to gain access to it

Also incorporates road charm (indicated as degree 0).

From the things I can inform, the conversations are exactly the same for levels 1 & 2 and for 3 & 4.

If I’m not mistaken there is a latin singles current (around September 2013) change which changed a few of the conversations. Go ahead and report any information that is incorrect, particularly for the reduced levels.

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