DMAchoice™ is a tool that is online by the ANA to assist you manage your mail.

DMAchoice™ is a tool that is online by the ANA to assist you manage your mail.

This web site is a component of a bigger system made to react to customers’ issues on the level of mail they get, which is the development of this ANA’s Mail choice Service created in 1971.

For the purposes with this site, direct mail is divided in to four categories: Credit Offers, Catalogs, Magazine has along with other Mail Offers. You’ll request to begin or stop getting mail from specific organizations within each category—or from a whole category at the same time.


DMAchoice ™ is just an ongoing solution operated because of the ANA. ANA could be the biggest U.S. Information and marketing relationship serving the direct and marketing community that is data-driven. Users of ANA, including nonprofit companies, market products or services right to consumers making use of such news as direct mail and catalogs, phone, mag and paper ads, broadcast advertising, while the online.


Many individuals enjoy receiving information on topics that interest them or services and products they might require or wish. Some customers, nevertheless, want to get less advertising connections in the home. The purpose of DMAchoice would be to help consumer choices across all advertising networks. DMAchoice is an expansion of ANA’s Mail choice Service, which was in presence since 1971. People in ANA, both commercial and nonprofit companies, are expected to make use of our solution, as well as other businesses and nonprofits are encouraged to put it to use.

On line enrollment: customers can register at ANA’s customer internet site: Registering on line may be the way that is fastest to see outcomes. On the web, DMAchoice provides customers an easy, step-by-step process that permits them to choose exactly exactly what mail they are doing and don’t desire. It really is made to more proficiently lessen the number of mail that customers usually do not want – or wish less of – while increasing the actual quantity of mail which they do wish by providing split groups for customers to take into account, such as for instance catalogs and mags, as opposed to grouping all of them into one category.

DMAchoice also directly links the consumer to a business so the consumer’s choices may be managed; in that way, the customer and business may have a business that is good by interacting effortlessly with each other.

In addition, DMAchoice on line provides enrollment for ANA’s:

  • E-mail Preference Service (on the cheap unsolicited commercial e-mail);
  • Phone choice Service (on the cheap commercial that is national for customers who reside in Pennsylvania and Wyoming – consumers various other states are called towards the National usually do not Phone Registry);
  • Dead Do Not Contact list (for name elimination of deceased people names that are’; and
  • Don’t Contact list for Caregivers (for caregivers to join up title reduction with respect to those individuals for who they worry)

If you don’t need to finish your enrollment online, you can easily register for DMAchoice utilizing the mail-in form that is online: fill out of the type at with all needed information, printing it and mail by having a $3 processing cost (check or cash purchase payable to ANA) into the address below.

You can register by sending your name and address (with signature), along with a $3 processing fee (check or money order payable to ANA) to if you do not have access to the Internet:

DMAchoice ANA PO Box 900, Cos cob CT. 06807

Processing by mail takes longer than online enrollment. Categorical and company that is specific organization opt-out demands, along with other preference services, are not offered through mailed-in demands.

Individuals are expected to join up their names with DMAchoice straight via mail or the web site; phone & bulk demands aren’t prepared.


Whenever you register with DMAchoice, your requirements are supplied to businesses and companies that sign up to our solution. All ANA users that market to ?ndividuals are expected to run their listings of prospects every against DMAchoice and to remove these individuals from their prospective mailing campaigns month.


No. Registrants will continue to get mail from companies with that they conduct business and from companies that don’t utilize DMAchoice to completely clean their e-mail lists. In addition, registrants may continue steadily to get mail from neighborhood organizations, professional and alumni associations, and governmental applicants and workplace holders.

Mail of the business-to-business nature received at your online business target shall additionally never be impacted by enrollment with MPS. Business names and details aren’t added to the file, and organizations that deliver mail of the business-to-business nature don’t use the DMAchoice file.

In every associated with above circumstances, compose right to the corporation to demand reduction from that organization’s email list.

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