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Las Vegas Revenues Rebounded Heartily in 2013

Las Vegas Revenues Rebounded Heartily in 2013

Vegas’ marketing campaigns positioning the populous city as hip and occurring appear to be working, based on 2013 income tallies

It has been awhile since Las Vegas could really publish any really positive news about profits, but 2013 has been a watershed year economically for las vegas. Figures posted end-of-year by the Nevada Gaming Control Board show a whopping 22.6 percent spike in gaming revenues for the month of November, carrying out a notably flat October, a reality that guarantees to exhibit exceptional year-end overall figures once compiled.

Second Best of the Year

Turns out was the second best of the year for Las Vegas Strip properties november. Baccarat took house the gold literally with a 94 percent hike, while dining table games also pulled a 53.5 percent jump to their weight, compared to 2012. Certainly nobody is ripping down slot machines, but it seems that old-school gambling is the moneymaker these days in the City of Neon.

Statewide, the image had been also a good one. A bump of 11.9 percent compared to the year prior across Nevada, casinos took in $875.9 million in November. And much more encouraging, it absolutely was the 3rd monthly hike during the past four months.

Las Vegas’ uber-successful strategy of being the coolest, hippest, swag-est place to be on the planet is apparently working as it pertains to gambling as well; the Strip earned $529.4 million in November overall, largely from table games, which (mais…)

PokerStars’ Dire Straits End: Money for Something, No Chips for Free

PokerStars’ Dire Straits End: Money for Something, No Chips for Free

A reinterpretation of the law by the DoJ could start the entranceway for PokerStars to enter the brand New Jersey market at last.

Just when you can’t possibly become anymore cynical about how exactly justice is meted out on the planet, a boomerang that is new tossed that hits you square in the pinnacle. Such is the latest in the U.S. Department of Justice’s ability to bend, turn, mutate and rewrite the law essentially when they can potentially fit some more money from it to increase their coffers.

Needless to say, we would never ever imply that any backhanded deals are going on, but you can arrive at your very own conclusions with this one.

Justice 2.0

Unnamed sources are rumored to have admitted that the DoJ is suddenly open to a new interpretation of the legislation, one that essentially lets non-American citizens and any organizations they could be involved with off the hook with any criminal costs. Term could be the federal justice agency will accept corporate fines which we’re pretty sure won’t be chump change as well as pleas that could kill any pending costs, as long as those companies haven’t any U.S. physical presence whatsoever.

Isn’t it just therefore convenient that this happens to encompass the precise situation that would allow PokerStars until now saddled with the dreaded ‘bad actor’ designation that has kept the main on the web site out of the operating in both Nevada and nj-n (mais…)

Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter of this legislation to Congress

Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter of this legislation to Congress

Vehement gambling that is anti-online Sheldon Adelson is gathering state AG signatures towards Congressional action (Image: Bloomberg)

Sheldon Adelson has more than enough money to wage a campaign that is one-man the spread of on line gambling in america if he wants to. But that cash also makes the vegas Sands CEO a guy of great influence, meaning Adelson can often find himself in the company of powerful friends.

Gathering John Hancocks

That appears to be the case this week, as at the least 10 state attorneys basic have signed onto a letter from Adelson asking people of Congress to just take steps to make sure online gambling is unambiguously illegal within the United States. And that letter has now gone on to leaders that are congressional as well as both the home and Senate Judiciary committees.

The letter is one of the primary major salvos in Adelson’s lobbying effort, which seeks to make clear law that is federal once again stop states from regulating online gambling on their own.

‘Online gambling exacerbates problems associated with gambling addiction and now we’re proud to be using a true number of other states to deal with the matter,’ read Sheldon Adelson’s official letter.

The most prominent AGs on the letter include Missouri’s Chris Koster, Nebraska’s Jon Bruning and South Carolina’s Alan Wilson. The letter was first presented to the Republican Attorneys General Association year that is last Las (mais…)