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Kosovars Turn Blind Eye to Fake Foreign Marriages

Kosovars Turn Blind Eye to Fake Foreign Marriages

Every time she goes to rest, Valbona, 35, from Peja, western Kosovo, talks about her wedding picture taken 13 years back. Beside her, she views her smiling husband.

Today, that minute is simply a memory. Couple of years ago, her spouse remarried A german woman. Not just did Valbona, mother of these four young ones aged four to 11, recognize of his plan, she approved it. The reason being Valbona is not divorced into the optical eyes of her family members or even the wider community.

Many Kosovar Albanian males divorce their very very very first spouses by shared permission, departing for western European countries where they find brand new partners who make it possible for them to have residency papers. (mais…)