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Gambling Lawsuit Dismissed Against American Pharoah Owner

Gambling Lawsuit Dismissed Against American Pharoah Owner

American Pharoah owner Ahmed Zayat ended up being relieved to have a lawsuit over gambling debts dismissed in federal court.

American Pharoah will run for horse racing’s first Triple Crown in 37 years on Saturday, and their owner will be able to savor it without the fear of a major lawsuit hanging over the proceedings.

A federal judge dismissed a $1.65 million gambling lawsuit against Ahmed Zayat, the one that accused him of having run up those debts by betting on sports via an casino that is offshore.

Zayat said that the lawsuit, brought by Howard Rubinsky, was ‘a fraud.’

‘It’s total fiction,’ Zayat stated. ‘It’s a lie that is total. It is just a situation of blackmail with a unlawful.’

Statute of Limitations Exceeded

Those comments landed Zayat with a libel suit on top regarding the gambling claim. But it seems as though Zayat was ultimately vindicated.

According to US District Judge William J. Martini, Rubinsky’s claim dated back to 2005, when he first hired an investigator and attorney in an endeavor to recover the debt. That suggested that the lawsuit fell not in the statute that is six-year of for the instance in nj.

Rubinsky had hoped that Martini would rule that the full instance had originated from 2008, when Rubinsky stated he had received texts from Zayat promising to repay the money he owed.

Nonetheless, Martini ruled that it absolutely was clear in those text messages that Zayat was saying that he didn’t (mais…)

Chronic Gamblers Get Depressed More Often, Researchers Find in Long-Term Study Results

Chronic Gamblers Get Depressed More Often, Researchers Find in Long-Term Study Results

A study that is new uncovered links between chronic gambling problems and depression.

Chronic gamblers may already be aware of something a recent research that is canadian has borne out: too much of the best thing can be unwise. The study has additionally strengthened the truth that a tremendously percentage that is small of overall have these problematic habits, nonetheless.

Gambling problems tend to be combined with other health that is mental, with another underlying issue ultimately being responsible for an individual’s compulsive need to gamble.

Now, researchers from the University of Quebec at Montreal say that they’ve found one such link that seems to be particularly strong: a tie between depression and chronic gambling.

That statement arrived after researchers spent decades gathering data for an study that is ongoing one which was recently published in Springer’s Journal of Gambling Studies. The look that is long-term gambling problems began in 1984, when researchers began following friends of 1,162 boys in kindergarten, all of who were from parts of Montreal that were economically disadvantaged.

Study Tracked Boys for Decades

Over time, the scholarly study collected a number of information concerning the boys. The changing socioeconomic statuses of the households had been tracked, as were the product quality of family and friends to their relationships, and their levels of impu (mais…)